With the development of the IoT industry, developers are no longer content with just prototyping a valid system but eager to create a mature IoT system that explores low power consumption or high extensibility instead.

Hence, we present AutoLink, an automatic generation system of IoT device platforms. Users may write AutoLink meta-program with an expressive syntax to specify their diverse requirements (e.g., battery lifetime, interface extensibility, execution time, and cost) of the generated IoT device platform. Taking the metaprogram as an input, AutoLink automatically transforms it into corresponding optimization problems and generates the optimal hardware configuration that meets user requirements best. Towards this, AutoLink also offers a cross-platform, dutycycle-aware power model and a time model to estimate the lifetime and execution period of an IoT system. We implement AutoLink and evaluate its performance using real-world IoT applications. Results show that AutoLink generates the optimal hardware configuration that meets diverse user requirements. Moreover, AutoLink achieves superior power estimation accuracy of IoT device platforms compared with the state-of-the-art approach.

Borui Li
Borui Li
Ph.D., Assistant Professor
MSc./MEng. Supervisor

My research interests include AIoT system, edge computing, WebAssembly, etc.