Borui Li

Borui Li

Ph.D., Assistant Professor
MSc./MEng. Supervisor

Southeast University 东南大学


Bo-Rui LI (李博睿) is currently an Assistant Professor at Southeast University, work with Prof. Shuai Wang. He is also with the Key Laboratory of Computer Network & Information Integration, Ministry of Education, China. He received his Ph.D. degree at EmNets Lab supervised by Prof. Wei Dong in the College of Computer Science, Zhejiang University. Prior to that, he received the B.E. degree from Bell Honors School, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

E-mail: libr [at] seu [dot] edu [dot] cn

  • Internet of Things
  • Edge Computing
  • MLSys for AIoT
  • WebAssembly and Serverless
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2017-2022

    Zhejiang University

  • B.E. (honored) in Computer Science, 2013-2017

    Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

👐 欢迎对机器学习系统与物联网感兴趣、动手能力强的同学报考我的研究生! 同时也欢迎对科研有兴趣的大一大二本科生加入我们实验室进行科研训练,有意向同学请讲个人简历发到我邮箱并说明来意,我会及时回复的:)

💪 Let’s do something cool together!


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  • [2024-03-01] 😃 Our paper named dTEE: A Declarative Approach to Secure IoT Applications Using TrustZone is accepted to IEEE/ACM IPSN 2024! Congrats to SUN Tong!
  • [2023-10-27] 😃 Our paper named WebInf: Accelerating WebGPU-based In-browser DNN Inference via Adaptive Model Partitioning is accepted to IEEE ICPADS 2023! Congrats to DONG Bing!
  • [2023-10-14] 🍀 Honored to be awarded for Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation of ACM China (Hangzhou Chapter) !
  • [2023-01-19] 😃 Our paper named The First Measurement Study of Target Wake Time Mechanism in 802.11ax on COTS Devices is accepted to IEEE ICC 2023! Congrats to Chengqing!
  • [2022-12-02] 😃 Our paper named RT-BLE: Real-time Multi-Connection Scheduling for Bluetooth Low Energy is accepted to IEEE INFOCOM 2023! Congrats to Yeming!
  • Academic Services

    • Member of Program Committee
      • ACM MobiSys'23 (Artifact Evaluation), IEEE MSN'23
    • Member of Organizing Committee
      • 25th Cross-Strait Information Technology Seminar, 2023.10
      • 3rd National Conference on Intelligent Construction and Operation of Infrastructure, 2022.11
      • 1st/2nd/3rd Provincial Forum of IoT Frontiers, Hangzhou/Ningbo/Hangzhou, 2017.9/2018.7/2019.7
    • Reviewer
      • Conferences: MSN'23, IWQoS'20, MASS'22/‘20, CWSN'23/‘19, EWSN'19/‘18
      • Journals: IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing (TMC), ACM Trans. on Sensor Networks (TOSN), ACM Trans. on Internet of Things (TIOT), IEEE Internet of Things Journal

    Recent SEU AIoTSys Seminar

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  • [2024-04-18] Tiange Xia - BREAK: A Holistic Approach for Efficient Container Deployment among Edge Clouds
  • [2024-04-11] Xingcai Zhang - RECL: Responsive Resource-Efficient Continuous Learning for Video Analytics
  • [2024-03-28] Yitao Wang - LLM in a flash: Efficient Large Language Model Inference with Limited Memory
  • Students

    • Ph.D

      • Tianen Liu (2021-now, co-advised with Prof. Shuai Wang)
      • Chengqing Zhao (2021-now, co-advised with Prof. Shuai Wang)
      • Weilong Wang (2023-now, co-advised with Prof. Shuai Wang)
    • Master

      • Tiange Xia (2022-now, co-advised with Prof. Shuai Wang)
      • Fanglei Shu (2023-now)
      • Xingcai Zhang (2023-now)
      • Bing Dong (2023-now, co-advised with Prof. Shuai Wang)
      • Yitao Wang (2023-now, co-advised with Prof. Shuai Wang)
      • Lili Pan (expected 2024-)
      • Haoran Ma (expected 2024-)
      • Hangshuai He (expected 2024-)


    • 2023.10, ACM China Doctoral Dissertation Award (Hangzhou Chapter), ACM China
    • 2021.12, National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of the PRC
    • 2021.04, INFOCOM 2021 Student Conference Grant, IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc)
    • 2021.02, Outstanding Intern, Alibaba Inc. and Alibaba-ZJU Joint Institute of Frontier Technology
    • 2020.12, Outstanding Achievement Award for Scientific Outcomes (for project LinkLab), Zhejiang Computer Federation and ZCIA
    • 2020.11, Outstanding PhD Candidate, Zhejiang University
    • 2018.12, Award of Honor for Graduate, Zhejiang University
    • 2017.06, Medal for Undergraduates, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications


    • PI, Wasm-based Serverless Computing for Cloud-Edge Integrated IoT Applications (基于Wasm的云边端协同物联网无服务器计算), The Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, No.BK20230813, 2023.9-2026.8
    • PI, Research on Wasm-based Cloud-Edge-IoT Collaborative Deployment and Scheduling Technologies for AIoT Applications (基于Wasm的云边端协同智能物联网任务部署与调度技术研究), NSFC Grant No.62302096, 2024.1-2026.12

    Invited Talks

    • 2022.11, Low-code Development of IoT Applications for City-scale Sensing (面向市域感知的物联网低代码开发), Invited Talks, Jiangsu Academic Symposium on City Lifelines.

    “The biggest things in life have been achieved by people who, at the start, we would have judged crazy. And yet, if they’d not had these crazy ideas, the world would have been more stupid.”Arsene Wenger on being a trailblazer